Duo Giústo is a horn and piano duo established in 2020 by Rebecca Salo and Stephanie Pestana. The duo met during their graduate studies at Indiana University, where they were roommates and performed together on several occasions. During the quarantine of Spring 2020, they started playing together in their living room and making recordings to share with family and friends. They gave their premier recital as Duo Giústo in January 2021.

Duo Giústo performs a wide variety of music, ranging from standard repertoire for horn and piano to newer works and transcriptions. They are available to perform recitals, provide music at events, and teach lessons and masterclasses. For hiring inquiries, please contact us.

The Italian word “giústo” means “just, fair, or right.” In music, it is often used at the beginning of a piece to indicate the tempo – one that is “just right.” We thought it was the perfect name for our duo since we truly are “right” for each other, we try to be fair, and we certainly are just right for you!

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